Live dealer casinos have revolutionized online gambling, providing the excitement and thrills of an authentic casino right to your fingertips. While popular casino classics such as blackjack, roulette, and poker remain the go-to choices, live dealer casinos provide many alternative gaming opportunities – here are five unconventional games you should check out at live dealer casinos:


Dream Catcher


Dream Catcher is an eye-catching money wheel with an engaging host. Players bet on which segments the wheel will stop by wagering their favorite segments with multiplier values marked on them – which could make for some pretty eye candy when betting is complete!


Dream Catcher stands out from traditional casino games because of its immersive and engaging nature. Guided by an engaging host, players become quickly immersed in each turn of its exciting wheel – providing an interactive and exciting gaming experience! Dream Catcher provides players with an untraditional yet more casual gaming experience, offering more casual social connections.


Monopoly Live


Monopoly Live takes the beloved board game and transforms it into an engaging live dealer experience, featuring classic Monopoly elements as well as an amusement-style money wheel similar to Dream Catcher – players bet on which segments the money wheel will land upon and take part in special bonus rounds inspired by Monopoly.


Monopoly Live’s signature feature – its augmented reality element – brings Mr. Monopoly to life as he walks across its virtual board, adding another level of excitement and immersion that should not be missed by fans of this iconic board game! This makes Monopoly Live an absolute must-try experience mega888.


Lightning Dice offers a thrilling new take on traditional dice gaming! Played using three standard six-sided dice with an electrifying edge, random multipliers are applied before every round and when one of your three dice totals matches one of those numbers on the betting grid it applies the appropriate multiplier automatically to winning bets!


Lightning Dice offers fast-paced and exciting gambling action perfect for adrenaline junkies who like a bit of extra thrill with each turn of their dice – and every roll brings the potential for big victories thanks to lightning multipliers!


Crazy Time


Its Crazy Time merges elements from live game shows with classic casino gameplay for an engaging gaming experience. Set within an eye-catching studio environment with colorful lighting effects and an interactive spinning wheel split into segments for players to predict where it may stop on its spin – betting can lead to bonus rounds and multipliers!


Crazy Time stands out with its wide variety of bonus games such as Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Coin Flip that give players an opportunity to win big prizes and add excitement and anticipation during gameplay. Offering its exciting atmosphere and potential of huge payouts, Crazy Time should not be overlooked by thrill-seekers!


Mega Ball sedui Mega Ball marries elements of bingo and lottery-style games with live casino action for an interactive, fast-paced and captivating gaming experience. Played using balls drawn from a machine similar to traditional bingo, players purchase cards featuring randomly generated numbers that enable them to complete lines for prizes based on how well their scores stack up against a given pattern of numbers or complete multiple lines successfully.


Mega Ball stands apart from traditional bingo games with its iconic Mega Ball being randomly drawn at the conclusion of each round, matching up one or more numbers on players cards to multiply winnings with multiplier figures predetermined beforehand. Offering both massive payouts and thrilling live drawings, this offers new life to traditional bingo gaming!


Live dealer casinos provide players with an expansive variety of diverse and unconventional games to explore, perfect whether you enjoy traditional casino classics or wish for something fresh and new! Take the plunge now, step outside your comfort zone, and give one of these unconventional games a try today.